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CGNAT is the best possible solution for the problem of shortage of global IPv4 addresses

Network Address Translation and CGNAT as a next level of NAT save public addresses

The NAT44 functionality extends the usage of IPv4 by translating private IPv4 addresses into public IPv4 addresses

The NAT64 functionality allows ISPs to move to an IPv6 network by translating IPv6 addresses to public IPv4 addresses and vise versa.

IPv4 is the fourth version of the Internet Protocol (IP), it is the core of the Internet, which sets the rules for the operation of computer networks on the basis of the exchange of packages.

Due to the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses, telecom operators and Internet providers are forced to use tunneling technologies to optimize the use of dedicated address blocks

Deterministic NAT allows to eliminate the need for logging because in this mode the subscriber's IP address is always mapped to the same external IP and port range.


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