Digicom Turns to NFWare for vCGNAT In Record Time

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Communication Service Provider
Solution Deployed
Digicom deployed NFWare vCGNAT
In the Burgas region, Digicom is one of the leading vendors maintaining the country's reputation for highquality, high-throughput Internet access services. As many other ISPs in the region, Digicom was running out of IP addresses. What they really needed was a solution that multiplied the number of addresses available to them. So, they moved to carrier grade network address translation (CGNAT) as a better way to manage its inventory of addresses.

ISPs of all sizes in all countries are impacted the shortage of IPv4 addresses and without the right CGNAT technology this can impact their growth plans and strategy. Digicom chose the NFWare Virtual CGNAT solution for its simplicity, feature set and performance.
High cost of IPv4 addresses; the situation has been getting worse every year.
Were looking for a solution that is simple to deploy and administrate.
Effects of Implementation
Cost-effective solution that allows sharing one IPv4 address among dozens of subscribers, get rid of the dependence on the price of IPv4 addresses.
Went live in less than 2 month from the first contact to the installation including getting the NFWare CGNAT tested in live networks.
Run the service on existing hardware that included 24-core Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2673 v3 processor, 10GbE, X520.
Desire to re-use an existing hardware for a new purpose; that was an x86 platform and Intel processor.
Little time for deployment.
Our IPv4 address shortage was getting worse and the price of new addresses kept increasing, making it hard for us to continue our strategy of cost-effective services. NFWare software CGNAT is simple and easy to install and configure. We tried some others and found them to be more complicated to configure and requiring much more powerful hardware. We're very happy that we solved our IP address challenge and can continue business as normal.
Hristo Beyazov, Digicom Director
About Digicom
Digicom is one of the leading ISPs in Bulgaria operating in Burgas. For its 5,000 customers, Digicom offers a range of Internet access and IP television services and is known for services that deliver the best ratio of quality and price. Customers choose Digicom's services in part because of its high capacity backbone network for both international and local links. The company is known for its savvy knowledge of the latest in Internet technology and for its great customer service.
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