Centaur Communications Finds a Way Out of the IP Address Jungle

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Centaur Communications
Communication Service Provider
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Centaur Communications deployed
Centaur Communications initially provided cable TV service with eight channels to Orange Walk's 50,000 residents. As demand grew, the company expanded its services to include 180 channels, high-speed internet, and streaming video. Centaur's user base expanded into nearby areas, leading to increased demand for IPv4 addresses. However, the shortage of IPv4 addresses posed challenges, forcing the company to consider expensive options such as buying addresses from brokers.

To address network congestion issues, Centaur turned to ZCorum for a solution. ZCorum proposed NFWare virtualized CGNAT as a scalable solution, allowing Centaur to upgrade network capacity seamlessly. This approach contrasted with Centaur's earlier reliance on fixed-function appliances, such as firewall appliances with access control list, which necessitated costly server replacements as bandwidth demands increased.

With the implementation of vCGNAT, Centaur gained greater flexibility and efficiency, paving the way for continued growth and improved service delivery to its expanding customer base.
The shortage of IPv4 addresses hindered the ISP's growth potential.
Effects of Implementation
Scalability: NFWare vCGNAT operates seamlessly on x86 servers and supports various network cards. Upgrading from 1GbE to 10 GbE requires only a network controller change, facilitating scalability.
Cost-effectiveness: The solution offers flexible software licensing with easy license upgrades, eliminating the need for ISPs like Centaur to overpay upfront for scalable solutions.
Unlimited throughput: Since installation, the solution has effortlessly scaled from 6 Gbps to 21 Gbps of traffic within the first 18 months without issues.
Centaur's firewall, functioning as a CGNAT with access control lists, struggled to handle traffic beyond 6 Gbps.
Upgrading from an old 1GbE server to a 10 GbE server incurred significant costs due to the need for server replacements.
The company was looking for an easily scalable solution capable of processing millions of simultaneous connections.
Reliability and Performance: Through its reliability, performance, cost-effectiveness, and scalability, NFWare vCGNAT successfully guided Centaur through the complexities of the IP addressing landscape, ensuring seamless operations and continued growth.
Centaur Communications, established in 1990 by John and Jaime Briceño, has been a staple of family entertainment in Orange Walk for over twenty-five years. Starting with just eight channels, the company has grown into a leading Hybrid-fiber-coax network, serving Orange Walk, Corozal, and the Belize Rural area. With the introduction of CTV-3 News in 2001 and Fiesta FM 106.7 in 2004, Centaur expanded into content development, covering local and national events. Today, boasting over one hundred and eighty channels and providing reliable high-speed internet, Centaur remains committed to delivering top-tier technology services to its communities.
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