NFWare Virtual Carrier Grade NAT

Hardware Performance with Software Flexibility
Up to 240 Gbit/s
Extend IPv4 connectivity and migrate seamlessly to IPv6
The NFWare Virtual Carrier Grade NAT (vCGNAT) is an incredibly high-performance NFV-based solution for transparent address and protocol translation. It allows service providers to fastly extend their IPv4 networks and enables a smooth transition to IPv6.

NFWare vCGNAT works as a Virtual Machine on top of standard x86 server and supports NAT44, NAT64 and DS-Lite modes.
CGNAT is a way of solving the problem of the limited supply of IP addresses available in IPv4's 32-bit address space. It uses translator devices embedded in the operator's network to change private network addresses into public IPv4 addresses. This enables the sharing of small pools of public addresses among multiple end sites, thus greatly expanding the capacity of the existing network.
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Performance and Features

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Why the world is moving towards virtual solutions

93% operators plan to start NFV deployment by 2017
The rapid expansion of the Internet of Things and the move to 4G networks that are IP based for every function, is placing an enormous strain on network operators. With 5G imminent and technology expected to engender even faster societal change in the next five years, CGNAT solutions that increase the capacity of existing networks are in greater demand day by day. A virtualized CGNAT offers a scalable, flexible platform, allowing an operator to be ready for whatever the fast-paced tech world can throw at them.
Best TCO
Our Pay-as-you-grow model is scalable in any increment, meaning that you only ever pay for exactly the resources you need to meet your specific requirements at any given time.
Use of virtual solutions on stadard x86 servers over multiple, single-purpose hardware devices makes resource management more flexible.
The solution meets a need to be massively scalable to support millions of subscribers. In addition it makes
time-to-market to be reduced
from months to days.
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