HRiNS Leverages NFWare vCGNAT to Deliver New High-Speed Wireless Data Services on Iraq's New FTTH Network

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Iraq is establishing a fiber optic network to provide high-speed Internet access, supporting the country's economy, community development, e-government, and national security. The Iraqi Ministry of Communications (IMC) is overseeing the network and collaborating with HRiNS, an internet service provider (ISP), to offer new services utilizing this network. The enhanced connectivity is expected to deliver fast services to Iraqi consumers and businesses while attracting unconnected users.

To efficiently acquire new IPv4 addresses, HRiNS partnered with NFWare, utilizing their virtualized carrier-grade network address translation (vCGNAT) solution. By deploying NFWare vCGNAT, HRiNS effectively addressed IPv4 address exhaustion, rapidly expanding its networks in conjunction with the new fiber infrastructure. HRiNS selected this software due to its affordability, ease of deployment, and traffic control capabilities through filtering and logging.

The escalating prices of IPv4 addresses pose a significant challenge due to their high cost.
Effects of Implementation
With NFWare vCGNAT, HRiNS can support the new fiber optic network launch with efficient IPv4 addressing translation technology.
The solution is easy to deploy on existing servers
As the new fiber network develops and subscribers grow, HRiNS will be able to increase the capacity solution when needed
With a rapidly increasing subscriber base, business needs to adapt quickly and maintain agility.
Furthermore, the solution necessitates easy setup and installation across multiple sites to ensure seamless implementation.
HRiNS was founded in 2005 and has recently become one of the country's fastest growing wireless internet service providers (WISP) as well as one of the largest ISPs in Iraq serving customers in all 18 Iraqi provinces.

The company is known for its consumer wireless and fiber-optic internet access services, but also offers enterprise solutions, fiber internet, and more. The company has a reputation for reliable services supported by its well-trained technical staff and cutting edge technology.
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