ZCorum Deploys NFWare's "Revolutionary" vCGNAT for ElbertonNET

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ElbertonNET, the city's municipal ISP, had a persistent need for scarce IPv4 addresses. The ISP turned to its trusted partner ZCorum to implement an NFWare virtualized carrier-grade network address translation (vCGNAT) to solve this problem. After the successful implementation, the ISP went from address scarcity to being in the position of having "IP addresses for years."
The increasing number of subscribers prompted Elberton to seek a solution for addressing the IPv4 scarcity.
Effects of Implementation
ZCorum, the NFWare partner, sized and deployed the NFWare CGNAT solution for ElbertonNet, offering a long-term solution to the IPv4 shortage problem.
The NFWare CGNAT solution effectively addressed the IPv4 shortage problem, accommodating several years of growth
NFWare has made scalability cost-effective through its. software licensing, which includes easy license upgrades to facilitate scalability. This ensures that ISPs like ElbertonNet don't have to make excessive upfront payments for a solution they plan to expand into.
The migration to IPv6 was not a solution, as neither the ISP nor its customers were prepared for it.
While they managed to obtain additional blocks of IPv4 addresses to replenish their supply, their rapid user growth soon outpaced this solution, leaving ElbertonNET with a strategic decision to implement CGNAT.
We help a lot of ISPs with their IP addressing challenges, and ElbertonNET is facing a very common challenge. Thanks to its proactive deployment of vCGNAT it can keep its customers happy while it plans its move to IPv6 in the coming years. The vCGNAT solution from NFWare offered the features, cost and scalability that made it perfect for this network.
Arthur Skinner, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for ZCorum
ElbertonNET has been providing high-speed Internet, VoIP digital phone, and cable TV services since 2001. Their advanced fiber optic broadband/wideband telecommunications infrastructure empowers the city of Elberton, Georgia, to deliver video and data services to homes and businesses of all scales. With over 30 miles of fiber optic lines, ElbertonNet's high-speed Internet and cable TV services reach not only the entire city but also extend beyond, including coverage of the Elberton Industrial Park.
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