Sappa Advances Customer Satisfaction Mission with Scalable CGNAT Solution

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Swedish ISP Sappa faced challenges related to the capacity limits of their carrier grade network address translation (CGNAT) system. Their fast growth in recent years also necessitated a need for more IPv4 addresses, which can be costly.

The service provider was able to address these challenges by switching to a virtualized CGNAT solution from NFWare that offered scalability and great technical support, and allowed Sappa to manage the cost of IPv4 addresses and grow their customer base. NFWare makes scalability cost-effective with its flexible software licensing that builds in easy license upgrades to facilitate the scalability. This means ISPs like Sappa don't have to overpay upfront for a solution that they want to grow into.
Capacity limits of an existing CGNAT solution, which was impacting the ability to provide great customer service.
Effects of Implementation
Sappa was able to manage the cost of IPv4 addresses and grow their customer base with the implementation of NFWare's virtualized CGNAT solution.
The pay-as-you-grow model provided by NFWare allowed Sappa to avoid overpaying for unnecessary capacity and to grow CGNAT expenses in line with subscribers and traffic growth.
Sappa found it easier to manage and troubleshoot the system with the advanced management capabilities of NFWare's CGNAT solution, resulting in smoother operations.
Their fast growth also necessitated a need for more IPv4 addresses, which can be costly.
The need for comprehensive monitoring access to both the performance of the CGNAT solution and the server.
"When we went looking for a new CGNAT solution, we switched from a system that had very defined user caps. This fixed capacity limitation was impeding our customer satisfaction and we replaced it with NFWare virtualized CGNAT that can scale easily to support more users.
Niclas Korsgard, Network Architect at Sappa
Sappa is one of the top five telecom companies in Sweden serving over 400,000 households in population centers all over the country from Jokkmokk (pop. 2,700) in the north to Ystad on the southern coast. Sappa has been in business for 29 years delivering cable TV services. In 2016 the company added internet access and voice over IP telephony services. It now offers residential and business Internet access services at speeds up to 1 Gbps.

In 2018, the company was acquired by Pamica AB which has invested in growing the company's customer base. The company made acquisitions of broadband companies and customers in 2020, 2021, 2022, and has launched innovations such as a smart home application that have grown its user base.

Through all this growth, one thing that hasn't changed is the company's culture and its drive to be the most customer friendly company in Sweden. To that end, the company in 2020 announced it has been acknowledged as delivering the best service in Sweden for three years in a row according to the Swedish Quality Index (SKI) annual customer satisfaction survey.
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