NAT44 feature extends the usage of IPv4 by translating private IPv4 addresses that get allocated in the access network into public IPv4 addresses from a public IPv4 pool.

NAT44 is the NFWare vCGNAT operational mode for mapping each application flow on the customer side to the public IPv4 address and one of its TCP or UDP ports as identified by the combination of a private IPv4 address and a TCP or UDP port. vCGNAT multiplexes the addresses of many inside devices to a single outside address by mapping application flows.

For example, there are no new IPv4 addresses to use. So, a service provider must somehow continue to assign addresses to large numbers of new customers. Furthermore, it is impossible to assign IPv6 addresses right away due to high cost of the replacement of expensive equipment. NFWare vCGNAT with it is NAT44 will improve the efficiency of IPv4 address translation. The NAT44 functionality translates private IPv4 addresses into public IPv4 addresses from a specific pool of public IPv4 addresses to vCGNAT. Following the NAT44 concept, the public IPv4 addresses are pulled away from the customer site, where their multiplexing capacity is not efficiently exploited, to the outside of the centralized vCGNAT, where many customer networks can share a single public IPv4 address.
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