NAT64 functionality is necessary for operators implementing IPv6 on their networks. This functionality enables carriers to transparently and manageably provide IPv6-based service users access to content and resources with IPv4 addresses by translating IPv6 addresses to public IPv4 addresses.

NAT64 is the NFWare vCGNAT operational mode for mapping a customer IPv6 address to the public IPv4 address with one of its TCP or UDP ports. Because almost all services accessible on the public Internet are still IPv4 only, NAT64 is needed to allow customers who use IPv6-only devices to transparently access IPv4 services.

Assigning IPv6 addresses is often not possible because many customers are still running operating systems or end-points that have some shortcomings in their IPv6 support. The future is in the new protocol, and sooner or later everyone who is on the market will use it. NAT64 is one of several methods that used to soften the transition from IPv4 to IPv6. NAT64 allows devices running on IPv6 to exchange data with devices running on IPv4 using a translation method. An IPv6 packet is converted to an IPv4 packet and vice versa.

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