Case study
NFWare vCGNAT for FSM Telecom

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Federated States of Micronesia

FSM Telecom

Internet Service Provider
Solution Deployed

FSM Telecom examined different hardware and software solutions in their search for the product that could meet all necessary requirements. The customer cares about the quality of connectivity and cannot afford to ignore the IPv4 problem or continue with outdated ways of mitigating it. NFWare vCGNAT IPv4 scaling and transition technology enables the extension of the IPv4 infrastructure's service life.

Since one year after the first installation covered the first state of Micronesia, FSM Telecom expanded vCGNAT coverage to another state by purchasing the second license.
  • To substantially extend the capacity of the IPv4 address space and pave the way for the transition to IPv6.
  • To find a product that can be up and running within a very short time frame and require minimal technical support when in place.
  • To guarantee high-quality service for clients, ensuring crucial customer satisfaction.
  • To achieve the high level of scalability that will eventually support the expansion of its customer base.
Effects of Implementation
FSM Telecom initial requirements were met, and the business instantly saw the following benefits:
  • Expanded customer base with no new IP-addresses.
  • Better quality of internet connection and its speed than before when a static IPv4 address was assigned to each customer.
  • For most FSM Telecom customers, the deployment and conversion process was seamless and went unnoticed.
"NFWare Virtual CGNAT allows us to expand our ADSL customer base without the need for additional IPv4 address space from APNIC and the reallocation/repurposing of existing IPv4 address space"
Bernard Mendis, IT Manager of FSM Telecom.

About FSM Telecom

FSM Telecom is a public corporation with thousands of subscribers in the Federal States of Micronesia. It provides a cutting-edge, cost-effective telecommunications service for FSM's residents, its businesses and its government agencies.

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