What to expect?

The trial version is limited to 1000 subscribers and 200,000 sessions, in a timeframe of 14 days, after you receive your image. If you would like to test the solution on real traffic, please make sure that you do not need to extend the limits.

Just complete the form, and check your inbox in the next 24 hours. Your package will include an image, a test license, and the manual.

Get virtual CGNAT for 14 days for free!

The best way to learn about a solution is to try it. NFWare vCGNAT is a software that runs on top of a standard x86 server and KVM hypervisor. Simply download and install to start your 14 day trial.

Before beginning, please make sure that you have the hardware to install vCGNAT on. For further information and questions, just contact us.

Fill out the form to get your trial image for 14 days
vCGNAT VM requirements
vCPU cores
CPU type
Intel Xeon (Haswell and later)
NIC type
Intel Controller 82599 (ixgbe)
Intel Controller X710 (i40e)
8 GB
CentOS 7
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