NFWare Virtual CGNAT helps YouFibre Manage IPv4 Addresses for Fast Subscriber Growth

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Solution Deployed
YouFibre deployed NFWare vCGNAT
YouFibre is new and one of the fastest-growing operators in the UK. They began to address the issue of IPv4 address shortage long before the business's launch. It was clear that buying IP addresses for each subscriber was inefficient, so the decision to install CGNAT was obvious.

The operator started looking for NFV-based solutions to ensure flexible and gradual growth. The NFWare solution fits perfectly the criteria of flexibility, scalability, high performance, and pay-as-you-go. Today, the NFWare Virtual CGNAT runs in several areas of YouFibre's presence, serving a growing number of their subscribers.
Scalability – to provide IP addresses for all new subscribers during the rapid growth of their customer base
High Performance – to consistently deliver high throughput and reduce costs as needs can be handled with fewer servers
Effects of Implementation
With NFWare vCGNAT, YouFibre can grow in line with its needs and scale the bandwidth of its network as needed within just a few hours.
The high performance of the NFWare solution gave a good head start on future growth.
The "pay-as-you-grow" model allowed for the smooth growth of needed bandwidth without overpaying.
NFWare virtual CGNAT's flexibility and scalability allow YouFibre to forget about the cost of IPv4 addresses when they add a new subscriber.
High Availability – to provide redundancy of network functions
Ease of Deployment And Management – to require minimal technical support when in place and deploy without hassle in a short period of time
Increased Business Agility – to decrease the CAPEX and improve the flexibility of the network due to the virtual nature of the solution's "pay as you grow" licensing model
Our business success is driven by quality connectivity at fair contract prices. That's what sets YouFibre apart in the marketplace. We saw how expensive it was going to be to acquire IP addresses and knew that we really needed CGNAT to support our growth. We did our research and really wanted an NFV-based system that gave us performance, scalability and a pay-as-you-grow model. We got all of that and more with the solution we implemented.
Jeremy Chelot, CEO of YouFibre & Netomnia
About YouFibre
Founded in 2019 in Tewkesbury, United Kingdom, YouFibre brings ultrafast Internet to its customers based on full fiber access and backbone networks. The company primarily uses fiber network services from its sister company Netomnia, a fiber-optic networking company whose goal is to reach 1 million properties passed by 2023.

YouFibre is seeing exceptional growth in customers, having announced its 10,000th customer in June 2022 – only four short months after celebrating its 5000th customer. At this time, the company was operating in 22 towns across the UK – with more in development.
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