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NFWare vCGNAT for Vallecas Telecom

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Vallecas Telecom

Internet Service Provider
Solution Deployed

Vallecas Telecom deployed NFWare vCGNAT in their live networks, harnessing the power of virtualization to solve the problem of IPv4 address exhaustion and increase infrastructure flexibility. NFWare IPv4 scaling and IPv6 transition technology provides a high-performance platform for carrier-grade networking for migration from IPv4 to IPv6. After purchasing the standard servers, it took only 5 days to finish all tests and make a commercial deployment.
  • Solving the problem of IPv4 address exhaustion.
  • Finding a cost-effective solution.
  • Providing a guaranteed high-quality service for their subscribers.
  • Finding an easy-to-deploy product that would require minimal technical support when in place.
Effects of Implementation
Аfter the implementation of NFWare CGNAT, Vallecas Telecom instantly saw the following benefits:
  • The issue with the IPv4 addresses shortage was resolved.
  • Cost-effectiveness was achieved by shifting away from the majority of big-name products on the market.
  • No more spending money on renting IP addresses, or time on costly technical support.
  • NFWare's 24/7 technical support and ease of deployment helps Vallecas Telecom concentrate on delivering a great user experience for their subscribers.
Deployment of NFWare Virtual CGN allows us to decrease the CAPEX and improve the flexibility of the network due to the virtual nature of the solution.
Miguel Paredes Oliver, Technical Director of Vallecas Telecom.

About Vallecas Telecom

Vallecas Telecom is a Spanish Operator with thousands of subscribers. It provides Internet access services, mobile telephony, fixed telephony, VoIP, Virtual switchboard, and digital TV for individuals, the self-employed, and businesses.

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