NFWare vCGNAT for Tinkoff Mobile

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Tinkoff Mobile
Mobile virtual network operator
Solution Deployed
Tinkoff Mobile deployed NFWare vCGNAT
Tinkoff Mobile dealt with the exhaustion of IPv4 address with the help of Carrier Grade Network Address Technology but was not satisfied with the current hardware solution because it reached its capacity limit. The operator decided to find a new solution that meets all current and future requirements. As a result, after comparing hardware and software solutions, the operator replaced its hardware solution with NFWare Virtual CGNAT.
To achieve a high level of scalability during the rapid growth of their client base, while maintaining quality of service for clients.
Effects of Implementation
Overcomed IPv4 exhaustion with NAT44 and achieved more efficient use of its IPv4 addresses
The deployment process of the solution went unnoticed for operator customers.
Tinkoff Mobile is now able to scale the bandwidth of its network as needed within just a few hours and to significantly save capital costs when expanding the network. The capacity problems of their hardware solution that interfere with network growth and seamless user experiences disappeared with high flexibility of NFWare solution.
To increase business agility with the help of the virtual solution.
To find a flexible and high-performance solution that requires minimal technical support when in place.
Tinkoff Mobile's subscribers base has grown 5 times over the year, and we plan to keep this pace. The NFWare solution will become an additional element of our infrastructure and will help us to actively grow in the coming years.
Ivan Boyarinov, CTO at Tinkoff Mobile
About Tinkoff Mobile
Launched in 2017, the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Tinkoff Mobile is part of Tinkoff Group, along with Tinkoff Bank. Tinkoff Mobile works on the full MVNO model based on the Tele2 radio access network and infrastructure. It has its own network code, a dedicated number range, SIM cards, and business applications. Today the Tinkoff Mobile brand is available in 47 regions of Russia.
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