NFWare Virtual ADC

The world's fastest Application Delivery Controller
To ensure application reliability and performance
The NFWare vADC is a software-based ADC that employs cutting-edge algorithms to efficiently provide the network with intelligent and sophisticated load-balancing capabilities. With the use of intelligent architecture, it provides all the services to run your web applications smoothly in the fastest and cost-effective manner.
Get custom rules for flexible traffic steering and reduce application response latency due to traffic compression and caching capabilities.
Ensure DDoS-protection of your back-end servers thanks to the various approaches to ensure that your applications are run safely.
Intelligently distribute the workload between multiple servers and get run-time scalability to meet high-peak moments.
Improve application response
Improve application security
Handle the huge traffic volume
Optimize operating and hardware costs
Enhance your existing network infrastructure and achieve cost reduction without compromising business performance.
Get Applications to a new Market Faster
Achieve full visibility and control
NFWare customizable monitoring and management interface gives you access to a broad range of metrics, enabling rapid responses and smarter decisions.

Designed to solve your specific needs

To solve networking challenges:
To meet business needs:
Reduced time-to-market thanks to instant scalability and by stopping your hardware reliance.

The most required features

NFWare vADC provides all the necessary features to increase the reliability of your services
Load balancing
Load balancing for apps performance
Relieve servers with unnecessary load and ensure high efficiency of applications
NFWare vADC is a computer software using algorithms to provide network load-balancing capabilities and application delivery control (ADC).

In addition to Layer4-based load balancing, vADC provides traffic-based balancing on Layer 7 HTTP application information like URL, HTTP Cookies or any other HTTP request information.
SSL-offloading to relieve your servers
The efficient way to relieve a web servers of unnercessary load
vADC handles user SSL sessions which results in offloading backend servers from heavy tasks, enabling to respond more quickly to user requests and ensuring faster response from client query. In addition, SSL-offloading provide persistence for HTTPS traffic, increases application speed and decreases the number of servers you need to sustain your business.
Health Checking
Health Checking for apps reliability
Make sure the servers are up and responding
When traffic is being directed to the backend server, it is vital that the server and the application which will process the traffic are available. The vADC checks the applications' and servers' availability and uses this information while making load balancing decisions.
Run-time scalability on demand
Increase performance by adding additional compute resources in runtime
vADC helps to be ready for the peak workload at any time. With Run-time Scalability function, companies can increase the performance at peak periods and their services will continue to work effectively as usual even under the heavy load at runtime. Likewise, this feature is critical for cloud deployment when compute resources are shared within one host with other functions.
Run-time scalability
Check out all features available

Check out all features avaliable

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Graphical Interface

We know that time of your Devops team is countable and we accelerate the launch of your new services due to the simplicity and availability of customization. This makes it easy to use even for beginners.
Customizable monitoring and management interface
Full visibility and control. The application dashboard is easily customizable and gives access to a broad range of metrics.

Automated alerts. Administrators need to be able to identify an issue instantly, flagging up potential problems before they ever become noticeable to end users.

Health Checking.
The application health summary helps to improve application availability, by providing an overview of performance.

End-to-End Timing.
Allows measurement of backend response time and data transfer time for every transaction, quickly identifying bottlenecks.

Real-Time Monitoring. Instantly provides critical information: response speed, state of network infrastructure, user data and other metrics.

Simplicity and flexibility of customization.
Limits available management commands for each administrator or each group to restrict available commands.
Why NFWare vADC?
240 Gbps

240 Gbps per VM - the fastest performance
among all existing solutions

40M CPS per VM, capable to be used for the most high-loaded deployments

Up to 200 times less hardware needed than alternatives, i.e. open-source solutions
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Check out effects of deployment Group
Mail.Ru Group, a leading Internet company in Europe. Mail.Ru Group's services (including,, ICQ) reach approximately 100M users on a monthly basis which is 20% of European internet population. This puts Mail.Ru Group among the TOP-5 most visited websites in the world as ranked by comScore.

"We are one of the leading social networks in the world. The volumes of traffic processed by us are very large. After several stages of testing, we decided to deploy the NFWare product for load balancing. This made possible to increase the efficiency of the system in dozens of times"
— Deputy CTO of social network, Mail.Ru Group
  • Extremely high loads caused by video streaming and social activity.
  • DDoS attacks that are very harmful to a popular social website.
  • The need for high reliability and accessibility of servers;
  • Fewer servers needed, to be less resource-intensive in support

Effect of Implementation
Mail.Ru Group initial requirements were met, and the business instantly saw the following benefits:
  • Their hardware footprint now processes 200 times more traffic.
  • Guaranteed DDoS Protection, securing their social network's safety.
  • Achieved the required reliability and accessibility of servers.
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