Industry Outlook for September

We're looking back at the most noticeable news of September. What was particularly memorable about this month? Fascinating trials and pilots of the private 5G network, the Edge Computing tech showcases, and new use cases for telcos in 5G - all these in our monthly outlook.
Edge News of the Month
Intel showcased its Smart Edge technology with crowd gaming right at the Time Square (watch the video, it's fascinating). Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom released another video showing the results of the successful edge computing trial in Germany. The article says, "This joint trial is an exciting development because it's the first time anyone has managed to interconnect the edge computing resources of two operators in one location for a specific use case."
5G News of the Month
CSPs continue launching its 5G services in new countries and cities, but this two particular news caught our attention. Telefonica promises to reach half of the German population with 5G just next year. At the same time, ATT has signed an agreement with the US military to launch a set of experiments related to 5G to develop - at the end - maritime technology solutions for national defense and potentially for a commercial sector's benefits.
IoT News of the Month
Operators open up new use cases for 5G. A good example is emergency service drones that stream video to help people on the ground see a bird-view picture, using 5G. 5G Americas researched "Telecom Provider Connected Car Opportunities," showing use cases and space for synergies between different parties and providing an excellent overview of the C-V2X technology.
Private 5G News of the Month
Long-distant control of the 5G private network and disaggregated 5G core is what IBM and Airspan are planning to test across two countries: Germany (Munich) and France (Nice). Also, invited a guest author from Red Hat to share thoughts on what CSPs should consider "to make enterprise 5G a success".
Virtualization News of the Month
Open RAN is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics. To get an understanding of the current state of development, check out the IEEE article. The authors give an overview of the importance and today's challenges to Open RAN development. Another article here is one about the role of MANO in managing networks incorporating virtual and physical elements. Check it out:
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