Telefónica and NFWare successfully complete tests in NFV Reference Lab

18/02/2016 | Munich, Germany
Telefónica and NFWare partnered to demonstrate a high-throughput carrier-grade network address translation in NFV-environment and completed performance tests of NFWare Virtual CGNAT running in the cloud within the Telefónica NFV Reference Lab.

NFWare vCGNAT is a centralized NAT placed in the service provider's network that extends the life of an IPv4 network infrastructure and mitigates IPv4 address exhaustion by using address and port translation on a large scale. With the deployment of Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGN or CGNAT), also known as Large Scale NAT (LSN), many customers can share a single public IPv4 address as CGNAT multiplexes the addresses of many inside devices to a single outside address by mapping application flows.

The tests included NFWare vCGNAT on a Commercial Off-the-Shelf x86 architecture-based server where service was deployed within a Red Hat KVM environment with KVM hypervisor. The NFWare vCGNAT achieved 40 Gbps on the Intel Xeon processor based server, while being deployed as a Virtual Machine and supporting server's available ports at the line rate.

"This test demonstrates that NFV approach can be successfully applied for data plane intensive applications such as vCGNAT and enables a significant increase in efficiency for operators due to elasticity and accelerated time to market", said Alexander Britkin, CEO of NFWare.
NFWare´s CGNAT test demonstrates the feasibility of data plane intensive virtual network functions and constitutes a message for the industry that foster a healthier ecosystem of providers
— Antonio José Elizondo Armengol, Head of Network Virtualization Technology & Strategy at Telefónica Global CTO unit
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