NFWare vCGNAT is a Leading VNF Product according to the SDxCentral 2017 NFV Report

31/03/2017 | California, USA
SDxCentral, the leading source of news and resource for network virtualization and SDN, includes NFWare vCGNAT in their last report. SDxCentral supports a global community of 90 000 people, reflecting substantial interest growth in SDN, NFV and related topics. The researches call NFWare vCGNAT as a «Leading NFV Product» and NFWare as a «Leading NFV Vendor».

The VNF report focuses on how the NFV infrastructure will enable virtual network functions (VNFs) to be deployed, orchestrated, and managed in the cloud. This includes an overview of leading VNF solutions that are purpose-built as software-defined solutions and deployed with NFV infrastructure.

As an example, a survey 159 networking professionals conducted by SDxCentral find that the primary use cases for NFV frameworks will involve vCPE environments (80%) followed by virtualized mobile cores (60%), IoT deployments (44%) service chaining within a Gi or SGi LAN (42%) and 5G networking infrastructure (40%).
NFV has proven to be compelling for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide because of its promise of fulfilling the networking needs of a service provider on standard server and storage infrastructures. New services only require simple software installation, no additional purchase of proprietary telecoms equipment.
— says the report.
Our Virtual Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGN or CGNAT), also known as Large Scale NAT (LSN), presented in the report is an incredibly high-performance NFV-based solution for transparent address and protocol translation. It allows service providers to fastly extend their IPv4 networks and enables a smooth transition to IPv6. It is especially high demanded solution when it comes to the 5G and IoT infrastructure readiness.

By checking our the report you can find an overview of NFV, describing the evolution of architectural components and potential benefits as well as a quick survey of the top VNF use cases.

If you want to learn more about NFWare vCGNAT detailed information, request a datasheet now.
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