NFWare joins
MANO ecosystem

NFWare joins the 20+ VNF providers in the OSM ecosystem. In the official Open Source MANO website, NFWare is on the list of organizations providing OSM compatible Virtual Network Functions

Open Source MANO is an ETSI-hosted project developing an Open Source NFV MANO software stack aligned with ETSI NFV. As an operator-led community, OSM is offering a production-quality open source MANO stack that meets the requirements of commercial NFV networks.

Built for a virtual environment from the ground up NFWare's VNFs can easily be integrated into any virtual infrastructure and orchestrated by ETSI OSM as well as other MANO solutions.

There are no doubts that with NFWare and other VNF Vendors Open Source MANO will achieve the aim of providing the industry with a fully functional orchestrator for NFV implemented as open source.
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