NFWare is a Hot Tech Innovator according to ABI research

25/09/2017 | London, United Kingdom
ABI Research has included NFWare in its Telco Cloud Hot Tech Innovators report, outlining 15 companies that are bringing an innovative approach to the telco market.

The Telecommunication business is in a period of dramatic transformation, and the creation of next-generation networks is only accelerating this process. Innovations in the telco business were traditionally created mainly by the major players in this market. But with the appearance of a new wave of startups, everything's changed. The new vendors that were highlighted by ABI research are competing with Tier One vendors and winning.
The 15 companies we have profiled illustrate a completely new way of developing network technology. In some cases, they have even won business against Tier-1 vendors, which are 100 times their size, have 100 times their R&D budget and have a formidable sales organization
— Dimitris Mavrakis, Research Director at ABI Research
Being included in a Telco Cloud Hot Tech Innovators report means that NFWare is playing a key role in the development of new technologies for telco networks. If you want to learn more about NFWare solutions: Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGN or CGNAT), also known as Large Scale NAT (LSN), NFWare Load Balancer or NFWare URL-filtering, contact us today.

For information on purchasing the full report, visit: Hot Tech Innovators: Telco Cloud.
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