NFWare Achieves Two-Star Partner Status with H3C

NFWare, the developer of the virtualized networking solutions, has become the two star partner of H3C, a leading digital solutions provider. The status follows training and certification successfully completed by NFWare's engineering team.

This official recognition is the culmination of several years of seamless deployments of NFWare's CGNAT software atop H3C hardware. These two solutions have been deployed by telecom operators to process large amounts of traffic, proving excellent performance, and reliability of the solution. The training and the following certification has only strengthened the experience of working with the H3C hardware.

NFWare CGNAT is a software-based networking product that works on top of standard x86 servers. Compatible with Intel CPUs, it supports a diverse array of network interface cards, including 10, 25, 40, 100, and 200 GbE options. H3C servers and switches provide a flexible configuration, allowing NFWare to deliver tailored solutions for varying throughput levels in a cost-efficient manner.
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