CPM deployed NFWare Virtual CGNAT for Tele2 Russia

A systems integrator СPM that specializes in mobile operators' networks projects has installed NFWare Virtual CGNAT solution in two macro-regions of the Tele2 Russia communications network. The new solution is designed to effectively expand the CGNAT function's capacity by 1.2 Tbit/s in response to the growth of traffic and the operator's subscriber base.

NFWare CGNAT is a virtual product that solves the problem of IPv4 address exhaustion. CGNAT translates private IP addresses to public ones making it possible for multiple subscribers to share the same IP address.

The solution works on standard x86 servers and at the same time processes traffic at high speeds: up to 240 Gbps on one server. The NFWare product is used by operators in Russia, the USA, Western Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

NFWare supports a wide range of hardware platforms, therefore CGNAT was installed on Tele2 corporate standard servers, the same ones used in other parts of the operator's network. Thus, the client avoided the multi-vendor server solutions and the associated costs. The NFWare performance made it possible to effectively utilize hardware capacity and reduce the number of new servers required for the expansion.

CPM team completed installation and integration services, proposed a design for migration to a new product, tested and launched the solution into commercial operation. The extensive experience of the integrator as well as the compliance of NFWare with the standards of telecommunication solutions, made it possible to implement the project in a short time.

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