NFWare vCGNAT helps Micronesia to solve IPv4 exhaustion problem

11/07/2018 | Federated States of Micronesia
The provider for the Federal States of Micronesia was searching for a reliable, seamless and high-performance solution that would allow expansion of their ADSL customer base without the need for additional IPv4 address space or the repurposing of existing IPv4 addresses. They wished to continue providing their thousands of subscribers with the best possible telecommunications service.

The stock of available IPv4 addresses is almost exhausted. More than 4 billion Internet devices already use public addresses and that number is growing rapidly. Networks now connect our smart home systems, watches, televisions, household appliances, cars and, of course, more and more phones. Operators such as FSM Telecom need a solution that will substantially extend the capacity of IPv4 address space.

NFWare solved the problem of IPv4 address exhaustion for FSM Telecom with NFWare virtual Carrier Grade Network Address Translation, CGN, CGNAT, Large Scale NAT, LSN, high-performance software-based solution for translating IPv4 addresses. It works entirely in a virtual environment on standard x86 servers, without the need for specialized, dedicated hardware. It now provides the cost-effectiveness, reliability and ease of deployment that FSM Telecom required to deliver the best customer experience.

The new system will allow FSM Telecom to grow with its client base, responding quickly and easily to changes in technology and in the market.
NFWare virtual CGNAT allows us to expand our ADSL customer base without the need for additional IPv4 address space from APNIC and the reallocation/repurposing of existing IPv4 address space
— Bernard Mendis, IT Manager
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