The Impact of NAT
on Network Applications


As we all know, the IPv4 address space is almost exhausted, and the transition to IPv6 is becoming more relevant. At the same time, telecom operators continue to evolve and solve the problem of the lack of IPv4 addresses using Network Address Translation. Also, telecom operators are actively using NAT444 technology in CGNAT solutions, which allows them to extend IPv4 connectivity and migrate seamlessly to IPv6.

One of the main requirements for the operator's NAT device is the continuous operation of all existing applications. This is because telecom operators put the needs of their subscribers ahead of everything.

They are oriented towards serving the client's needs. In 2019, NFWare tested the impact of NAT444 on common applications. The NFWare team has compiled a list of required applications and created the necessary conditions to test the effects of NFWare CGNAT on basic applications. The purpose was to show that applications work flawlessly and do not affect the user experience. The testing was successful and revealed that all applications without exception are not even slightly impacted by NAT444.

Applications that were tested by NFWare:
Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)
Windows 10
Android 7.1
Facebook Messanger
Facebook Web
You can also look at another study that assesses the impact of carrier-grade nat on network applications.

However, despite the active use of this technology, there are prejudices that modern NAT444 adversely affects the work of many popular internet services. It is believed that the use of NAT leads to the loss of end-to-end addressing. Further, network protocols operate on the assumption of network architecture, which with the advent of NAT, cease to be executed. Indeed, many internet protocols and applications depend on end-to-end addressing from the source to the destination node. Therefore, some applications are considered to be incompatible with Network Address Translation because the source of IPv4 address is changed before the packet has time to reach the destination node.


NFWare CGNAT testing revealed that many basic and popular Internet services, such as Youtube, Netflix, PS4, Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, etc. work in the exact same way without any changes or delays. The NFWare team observed that the performance of all listed applications with CGNAT and without the use of this technology had the same results. This would prove that NAT444 technology no longer has a negative impact on various applications, despite all the fears and warnings. Telecom operators can be absolutely sure that CGNAT can solve all of the current tasks that they face.
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