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Offer the industry's most innovative solutions to CSPs solving the real problem of IPv4 addresses exhuastion
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NFWare CGNAT is a modern solution that meets all necessary requirements of CSPs for solving IPv4/IPv6 problem in the best possible way

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Innovative technology
NFWare vCGNAT is a new generation solutin that is built for virtualized and cloud environments, and it can be deployed on a standard x86 server
Cost-effective solution
NFWare provides high reliability and performance up to 240 gigabits per second, which allows to successfully compete with traditional vendors of network equipment.
Solving the real problem of IPv4 addresses exhuastion
NFWare translates IP addresses in the most efficient way, thereby solving the problem of IPv4 address exhaustion

What is NFWare CGNAT

The NFWare Virtual Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) is a high-performance software-based solution for transparent address and protocol translation. NFWare CGNAT works as a Virtual Machine on top of standard x86 server and a hypervisor, thus providing flexibility and cost-efficiency for small and large deployments

NFWare vCGNAT supports all types of Network Address Translation (Static, Dynamic, PAT) and meets any requirements no matter what type of NAT an operator chooses. Moreover, in addition to NAT44 mode, it also provides NAT64 allowing operators smoothly migrate to IPv6 infrastructure.
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Carrier Grade NAT
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