L7 Software-based Traffic Generator
200 Gbps, 30M cps
Stats, not assumptions
Make informed decisions based on real, tested data and be sure that you have the capacity and performance to provide the highest quality of experience.
It's the first product on the market able to generate real TCP, HTTP sessions and replay any L7 payloads - to emulate Skype, P2P, FTP and other protocols.
The NFWare Software-based Traffic Generator is a powerful, fully virtual test solution.

It's designed to accurately assess performance, security and resilience of applications and the full spectrum of network equipment like next-gen firewalls, security gateways and others. It generates traffic up to 200 Gbit/s and simulates HTTP-sessions and FTP-sessions to the level of 30M sessions per second.

The software base and incredibly high performance make the NFWare Traffic Generator the best tool to asses the capabilities of your systems. In just a few days and without buying any new equipment, you can test your applications under the toughest conditions and get clear, solid data to guide development and be certain that you're ready to release.
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The two components of the
NFWare Traffic Generator
L7 Generator
Able to generate up to 30M TCP, HTTP and FTP connections per second deployed on standard x86 servers. Can be easily extended to support other protocols.

  • Provides both client and server functionality. Can be used independently to cover full spectrum of test cases.
  • Based on high performance, multicore-oriented TCP-stack implementation - for e.g. up to 800K real tcp-sessions per second in client-server mode on just 2 cores of E3-1240v3 (client and server on the same host) and Intel X520 NIC.
  • Performance can be scaled linear with increasing of core numbers, amount of memory.
  • Implement HTTP 1.0 client/server - one HTTP-transaction per TCP-session - up to 800K transactions per second on 2 cores of E3-1240v3.
  • Implement FTP control plane client-server interactions.
  • Replay L7 payload from pcap-formated file.
  • Easy deployment into existing network - ARP/ND protocols are fully supported.
  • Precise control over traffic profile (packets generation rate, CPS/RPS, concurrency, etc.).
  • Detailed statistic for L2-L7 levels on client/server side.
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Packets Generator
Able to generate up to 200 Gbit/s abailable to examine L3, L4 network equipment like next-gen firewalls, security gateways, NAT and others.

  • High performance - up to 14M pps on single core (E3-1240v3), scaled linear by increasing core numbers.
  • Generate packets according to following protocols: IP, IPv6, ICMP, UDP, TCP.
  • Measure RTT (round-trip-time) by ICMP (echo/reply).
  • Easy deployment into existing network - ARP/ND protocols are fully supported.
  • Precise control over traffic profile (packets generation rate, payload size, number of sessions, etc.).
  • Detailed statistic for L2-L4 levels on transmitter/receiver side.
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Why NFWare Software-based Traffic Generator?
High Performance
Traffic generation of up to 200 Gbit/s simulates even applications and services with extremely high loads.
Flexible Pricing
Software-based solution enables a flexible pricing model, making this powerful tool affordable for a wider range of companies.
Easy Deployment
Designed in accordance with the latest in NFV technology, it's developed for deployment on COTS servers and requires minimal efforts to be integrated into existing network.
Designed for
Network Equipment Developers
Put your systems to the test. The NFWare Software-based Traffic Generator provides high-performance simulation without the need for dedicated hardware
Test Labs
and Integrators
Use a single solution for all your stress testing. Flexible pricing allows you to test your infrastructure for any application, however big or small the traffic load, to the same standard

Make the Traffic Generator a part of your portfolio. You'll offer customers a cutting-edge NFV tech solution to meet their needs on scalability and high-performance stress testing
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