NFWare raises $2M from Investors and expands the presence in the US and Europe
NFWare, Inc. supplies service providers, operators and data centers with super-fast virtualized solutions for their networks. NFWare software-based NFV technology provides a level of performance and reliability which was historically associated only with dedicated proprietary hardware.

Recently, NFWare raised 2 million dollars to strengthen the presence to new key areas. The round was led by Sistema Venture Capital fund, with participation from other investors. Encouraged by this development, NFWare aims to increase its strategic footprint in the US and Europe. Thus, NFWare has already successfully reinforced their presence in a variety of European countries.

NFWare has developed two world's fastest virtualized solutions vCGNAT and vADC. NFWare virtual CGNAT is an NFV based virtual appliance designed to provide high performance and transparent address and protocol translation while NFWare virtual ADC is a high-performance virtual solution that improves the performance and safety of network applications. In the fourth quarter of 2017, NFWare plans to release a new high-performance virtual solution vURL-filtering, which will form the part of a product line of hardware-like performance and virtual solutions

Likewise, over the past several months the company was recognized as a leading startup in the industry by authoritative publications and market intelligence companies, such as SDxCentral and ABI research. NFWare is also the winner of multiple prestigious international awards in the telecom industry.

In the modern digital world, companies need to be ready for 5G, the IoT, and NFWare was founded with the aim to change the telecom industry by the opening path to these disruptive technologies. Moreover, operators' network complexity and infrastructure costs are constantly increasing. NFWare addresses these issues by implementing high-throughput core network services as virtual appliances which can run on top of any standard hardware, keeping the need for hardware expansion and investment to a minimum. Therefore, NFWare developed hardware-like performance solutions with all the benefits of a virtual networking solution.

Media contact:
Alexandra Yartseva
Marketing Director