The modern way to solve the IPv4 exhaustion problem
More IPv4 addresses, less cost
Thanks to the official exhaustion of address space in North America, IPv4 is now very much a seller's market. Service providers are still demanding IPv4 address space and the major players have the budget to keep on paying the higher and higher prices demanded by brokers while smaller carriers struggle.

Will IPv6 solve this problem? Yes, but not for a few years yet given the difficulty of adopting it and making it widespread. So in the meantime, you have a decision to make: keep paying more and more, year on year for IPv4 space, or find a more elegant, cost-effective way of solving the problem.
There is a modern approach
to assign IPv4 addresses to every subscriber
The NFWare Virtual Carrier Grade NAT (vCGNAT) is an elegant solution that helps to extend the life of IPv4 address availability by sharing public IP address among several private IP addresses. It allows service providers to vastly extend their IPv4 networks and effectively maintain subscriber growth without paying through the nose for more address space.
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Key benefits
Huge savings
vCGNAT is a far cheaper solution than IPv4 address renting. Our Pay-as-you-Grow model is scalable in any increment, meaning that you only ever pay for the number of subscribers that you have.
Our vCGNAT is instantly scalable and can support millions of subscribers. You can increase or decrease the throughput at any time, and the change will take no more than 24 hours.
Ease of deployment
The powerful virtual solution is deployed on standard x86 servers, which means no big outlay on hardware. It's also so simple that you don't need any specialist knowledge or hours of tech support. We can provide you with the configuration guide and you can easily install it by yourself or, if you prefer, we can do it remotely in just two hours.
Preparation for IPv6
vCGNAT lays the groundwork for your transition to IPv6. Due to the great number of IPv4 users, it is impossible to achieve the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 in an instant without sacrifice. Therefore, it is critical to have a plan to transition to IPv6. Until we did not move to IPv6 we should provide IPv4 support in a long-term and have some time to build infrastructure prepared for IPv6.
Ready to stop spending on IPv4?
How does it work?
NFWare vCGNAT uses translator devices embedded in the operator's network to change private network addresses into public IPv4 addresses. This enables the sharing of small pools of public addresses among multiple end sites, thus greatly expanding the capacity of the existing network.

Our prices
Choose the plan that makes sense for your business.
Up to 5.000 subscribers
per subscriber
5.000 - 50.000 subscribers
per subscriber
More than 50.000 subscribers
per subscriber
Still has questions?
Let us help you work it out for you
How do I deploy vCGNAT?
Our technical experts will accompany you during the whole deployment process. We can give you the installation guide and be in the background, or deploy the solution ourselves remotely in just a few hours.
What maintenance does it require?
We release regular updates that require minimal installation and will not disrupt the running of your systems or require any downtime
Who provides technical support?
Our technical experts will be always in touch with you in order to provide the best experience and help you realize the full potential of our virtual solution. You can e-mail us with a description of the issue and we promise to answer within 3 hours.
Where would logs be kept?
We will give you access to all logs so you can get the right information about users and their IP addresses whenever you want.
Isn't connection over vCGNAT (or any Carrier Grade NAT) is much slower?
The solution we've created outperforms any hardware equivalent in terms of speed. Our technical team will choose the right solution based on your capacity to ensure that your connection speeds are maintained.
This is a new node to maintain and take care of, isn't it? Does it require additional space, electric power, etc?
Yes, it is a new function that requires some additional resources, but you will still make considerable savings compared to constantly buying and renting IPv4 addresses.
How to start using this virtual Carrier Grade Nat?
When you receive your first vCGNAT, you will be wondering where to start. Don't worry! Our technical experts will walk you through all of it to make sure you enjoy vCGNAT in no time! Simply leave an application for a demo and our technical experts reach out to you to go over the specifics.
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